Publications Phare - PARMIC

Quelques publications phare illustrant les activités et l'expertise du PARMIC :

  • Bouchali, R., Mandon C., Danty - Berger E., Géloën A., Marjolet L., Youenou B., Pozzi, A. C. M., Vareilles S., Galia W., Lipeme Kouyi G., Toussaint J.-Y., Cournoyer B. Submitted. Runoff bacterial microbiome quality assessment of a city center rainwater harvesting zone shows a differentiation of pathogen loads according to human mobility patterns. Int J. Hygiene Env Health.
  • Todorović I, Abrouk D., Kyselková M., Lavire C., Rey M., Raičević V., Jovičić-Petrović J., Moënne-Loccoz Y., Muller D. 2023. Two novel species isolated from wheat rhizospheres in Serbia: Pseudomonas serbica sp. nov. and Pseudomonas serboccidentalis sp. nov. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 46 (4), pp.126425.
  • Moyne, O., Castelli, F., Bicout, D.J., Boccard, J., Camara, B., Cournoyer, B., Faudry, E., Terrier, S., Hannani, D., Huot-Marchand, S., Léger, C., Maurin, M., Ngo, T.-D., Plazy, Cc, Quinn, R.A., Attree, I., Fenaille, F., Toussaint, B., Le Gouëllec, A., 2021. Metabotypes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa correlate with antibiotic resistance, virulence and clinical outcome in cystic fibrosis chronic infections. Metabolites, 11, 63.
  • Singh N. K., Lavire C., Nesme J., Vial L., Nesme X., Mason C.E., Lassalle F. &Venkateswaran K. (2021). Comparative genomics of novel Agrobacterium G3 strains isolated from the international space station and description of Agrobacterium tomkonis sp. nov. Front Microbiol 12:765943.

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