Publications Phare CESN

Quelques publications phare illustrant les activités et l'expertise du CESN :

  • Rieusset, L., Rey, M., Gerin, F., Wisniewski-Dyé F., Prigent‐Combaret, C., Comte G., 2021. A Cross-Metabolomic approach shows that wheat interferes with fluorescent Pseudomonas physiology through Its root metabolites. Metabolites 11, 84.
  • Padilla, R., Gaillard, V., Le, T.N., Bellvert, F., Chapulliot, D., Nesme, X., Dessaux, Y., Vial, L., Lavire, C., Kerzaon, I., 2021. Development and validation of a UHPLC-ESI-QTOF mass spectrometry method to analyze opines, plant biomarkers of crown gall or hairy root diseases. Journal of Chromatography B 1162, 122458.
  • Hay, A.-E., Herrera-Belaroussi, A., Rey, M., Fournier, P., Normand, P., Boubakri, H., 2020. Feedback Regulation of N Fixation in Frankia-Alnus symbiosis through amino acids profiling in field and greenhouse nodules. MPMI 33, 499.
  • Michalet, S., Minard, G., Chevalier, W., Meiffren, G., Saucereau, Y., Tran Van, V., Comte, G., Tran, F.H., Valiente Moro, C., 2019. Identification of human skin bacteria attractive to the Asian Tiger mosquito. Environmental Microbiology 21, 4662-4674.
  • Pham, H.N., Pham, P.A., Nguyen, T.T.H., Meiffren, G., Brothier, E., Lamy, I., Michalet, S., Dijoux-Franca, M.-G., Nazaret, S., 2018. Influence of metal contamination in soil on metabolic profiles of Miscanthus x giganteus belowground parts and associated bacterial communities. Applied Soil Ecology 125, 240-249.

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