Publications Phare - AME

Quelques publications phare illustrant les activités et l'expertise de AME :

  • Florio A., Bréfort C., Creuze des Chatelliers C., Gervaix J., Poly F., Zeller B., Le Roux X. 2021. How tree species with contrasting biological nitrification inhibition capacity influence denitrifier activity and abundance? Insights from reciprocal transfers of soil. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 57 (8), pp.1089-1101.
  • Cantarel A.A.M., Rouifed S., Simon L., Bourg J., Gervaix, J., Blazère L., Poussineau S., Creuzé des Châtelliers C., Piola F. 2020. In Nitrate-Rich Soil, Fallopia x bohemica Modifies Functioning of N Cycle Compared to Native Monocultures. Diversity, 12 (4), pp.d12040156.
  • Capdeville C., Pommier T., Gervaix J., Fromard F., Rols JL., Leflaive J. 2019. Mangrove facies drives resistance and resilience of sediment microbes exposed to anthropic disturbance. Frontiers In Microbiology, 9: 3337.
  • Simonin M., Cantarel A. A. M., Crouzet A., Gervaix J., Martins J. M. F., Richaume, A. 2018. Negative Effects of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles on Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle Microbial Activities in Contrasting Agricultural Soils and in Presence of Plants. Frontiers In Microbiology, 9: 3102.

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