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The Microbial Ecology Laboratory, where microbiology, ecology and the environment meet.

Our research focuses on microorganisms:

  •     interactions between microorganisms and other organisms,
  •     relationships between microorganisms and their environment,
  •     adaptation of microorganisms to environmental conditions and global change.

24 May 2024

By: com

Challenge EXPL'AURA Prize

Congratulations to Lauren!
Poste de professeur des Universités / Full professorship "Microbial Ecology for One Health / Health of the environments"
CDD 8 mois Ingénieur d'études / Data processing biologist engineer

Scientific events

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30 April 2024
13h, Salle de Réunion Mendel 5, Campus de la Doua
Animation scientifique - Présentation AAP européens
14 May 2024
13h, Salle de Réunion Mendel 5, Campus de la Doua
LEM'Tchat café
24 May 2024
Amphi Marie Curie, Campus de la Doua
Soutenance HDR de Juliana Almario, 14h