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Gasmi M, Kitouni M, Carro L, Pujic P, Normand P, Boubakri H. 2019. Chitinolytic actinobacteria isolated from an Algerian semi-arid soil: development of an antifungal chitinase-dependent assay and GH18 chitinase gene identification. Annals of Microbiology 69: 395-405.
Theillet G, Grard G, Galla M, Maisse C, Enguehard M, Cresson M, Dalbon P, Leparc‐Goffart IL, Bedin F. 2019. Detection of chikungunya virus-specific IgM on laser-cut paper-based device using pseudo-particles as capture antigen. Journal of Medical Virology 91: 899-910.
Bernard C, Escalas A, Villeriot N, Agogué H, Hugoni M, Duval C, Carré C, Got P, Sarazin G, Jézéquel D, et al. 2019. Very Low Phytoplankton Diversity in a Tropical Saline-Alkaline Lake, with Co-dominance of Arthrospira fusiformis (Cyanobacteria) and Picocystis salinarum (Chlorophyta). Microbial Ecology.
Rosa E, Minard G, Lindholm J, Saastamoinen M. 2019. Moderate plant water stress improves larval development, and impacts immunity and gut microbiota of a specialist herbivore. PLOS ONE 14: e0204292.
Lepère C, Domaizon I, Humbert J-F, Jardillier L, Hugoni M, Debroas D. 2019. Diversity, spatial distribution and activity of fungi in freshwater ecosystems. PeerJ 7: e6247.
Luis P, Saint‐Genis G, Vallon L, Bourgeois C, Bruto M, Marchand C, Record E, Hugoni M. 2019. Contrasted ecological niches shape fungal and prokaryotic community structure in mangroves sediments. Environmental Microbiology 21: 1407-1424.
Alori ET, Babalola OO, Prigent-Combaret C. 2019. Impacts of Microbial Inoculants on the Growth and Yield of Maize Plant. The Open Agriculture Journal 13.
Luis P, Vallon L, Tran FH, Hugoni M, Tran Van V, Mavingui P, Minard G, Valiente Moro C. 2019. Aedes albopictus mosquitoes host a locally structured mycobiota with evidence of reduced fungal diversity in invasive populations. Fungal Ecology 39: 257-266.
Valette M, Rey M, Gerin F, Comte G, Wisniewski-Dyé F. 2019. A common metabolomic signature is observed upon inoculation of rice roots with various rhizobacteria. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology.
Pujic P, Alloisio N, Fournier P, Roche D, Sghaier H, Miotello G, Armengaud J, Berry AM, Normand P. 2019. Omics of the early molecular dialogue between <i>Frankia alni</i> and <i>Alnus glutinosa</i> and the cellulase synton. Environmental Microbiology.
Ma B, Zhou X, Zhang Q, Qin M, Hu L, Yang K, Xie Z, Ma W, Chen B, Feng H, et al. 2019. How do soil micro-organisms respond to N, P and NP additions? Application of the ecological framework of (co-)limitation by multiple resources. Journal of Ecology.
Béthencourt L, Boubakri H, Taib N, Normand P, Armengaud J, Fournier P, Brochier-Armanet C, Herrera-Belaroussi A. 2019. Comparative genomics and proteogenomics highlight key molecular players involved in Frankia sporulation. Research in Microbiology.
Keshavarz-Tohid V, Vacheron J, Dubost A, Prigent-Combaret C, Taheri P, Tarighi S, Taghavi SM, Moënne-Loccoz Y, Muller D. 2019. Genomic, phylogenetic and catabolic re-assessment of the Pseudomonas putida clade supports the delineation of Pseudomonas alloputida sp. nov., Pseudomonas inefficax sp. nov., Pseudomonas persica sp. nov., and Pseudomonas shirazica sp. nov. Systematic and Applied Microbiology.
Lebot V, Michalet S, Legendre L. 2019. Kavalactones and Flavokavins Profiles Contribute to Quality Assessment of Kava (Piper methysticum G. Forst.), the Traditional Beverage of the Pacific. Beverages 5: 34.
Lloyd NA, Nazaret S, Barkay T. 2019. Genome-facilitated discovery of RND efflux pump-mediated resistance to cephalosporins in Vibrio spp. isolated from the mummichog fish gut. Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance.



Le prochain colloque de la SEFA se déroulera à Lyon les 24 et 25 juin 2019. Des communications sur l’exposition aux contaminants dans tous les milieux, le transfert et le devenir des substances chimiques dans des milieux complexes et les matrices biologiques, l’analyse des mécanismes d’effet à tous les niveaux d’organisation biologiques, à long terme, ainsi que sur le développement de modèles (exposition et effet)
La SEFA rassemble une grande partie de la communauté de chercheurs et d’ingénieurs en (...)

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6th Symposium of the International Society for River Science

The Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) is happy to invite you to the Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science (ISRS). The conference will be held from Sept. 08th to Sept. 13th 2019 in Vienna, Austria under the theme “Riverine landscapes as coupled socio-ecological systems”.
All relevant information will be posted on our website. For further questions please do not hesitate (...)

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2019 Gordon Research Conference on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins

The 2019 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins will provide a lively forum for academic, government and private sector scientists to exchange ideas on harnessing advances in biology, chemistry, ecology, plant pathology, epidemiology, toxicology and risk assessment to address the problems associated with the increasing occurrence of these natural toxins. This conference will bring together a wide range of outstanding senior scientists, early career scientists, and (...)

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Animation Scientifique

25/06 - 13:00
Estelle Loukiadis

“Le concept One Health”

28/06 - 14:00
HDR Aude Herrera-Belaroussi

Les Actinobactéries dans les environnements terrestres : diversité, adaptation et interactions avec la plante.

Amphi 1 IUT, La Doua
08/07 - 09:00
Julie Reveilland (INRA de Montpellier)

From genome-resolved metagenomics to metapangenomics : A Wolbachia story with wild C. pipiens individuals

26/07 - 11:00
Guillaume Schwob (Laboratoire d’Ecologie Moléculaire, Santiago, Chili)
17/09 - 13:00
Matthieu Barret (INRA, Angers)