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From ecosystem processes to biotechnology

This IFCPAR/CEFIPRA-funded workshop, to which will participate both Indian and French scientists, represents an opportunity to present recent developments, exchange ideas and discuss research opportunities in the fast evolving research field of functional metagenomics.
Participants from the fields of microbiology, ecology, biotechnology, bioinformatics or nanotechnology will illustrate the multidisciplinary facet of functional metagenomics to address questions related to ecosystem (...)

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6th Symposium of the International Society for River Science

The Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) is happy to invite you to the Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science (ISRS). The conference will be held from Sept. 08th to Sept. 13th 2019 in Vienna, Austria under the theme “Riverine landscapes as coupled socio-ecological systems”.
All relevant information will be posted on our website. For further questions please do not hesitate (...)

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Symposium sur la microbiologie des sols Français

Les microorganismes du sol sont les organismes les plus abondants et les plus diversifiés de notre planète. Leur grande diversité taxonomique et génétique en font des acteurs clés des services rendus par le sol pour les sociétés humaines (production alimentaire, production de biomasse, mitigation des GES, dépollution…). A la base de ces services, les microorganismes du sol sont responsables des grandes fonctions impliquées comme la minéralisation de la matière organique, la dégradation des polluants, (...)

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2019 Gordon Research Conference on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins

The 2019 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins will provide a lively forum for academic, government and private sector scientists to exchange ideas on harnessing advances in biology, chemistry, ecology, plant pathology, epidemiology, toxicology and risk assessment to address the problems associated with the increasing occurrence of these natural toxins. This conference will bring together a wide range of outstanding senior scientists, early career scientists, and (...)

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Animation Scientifique

22/01 - 13:00
Présentation M2

• Andrea Calhau (M2 éq 1, Anne Emmanuelle)\n• Zélia BONTEMPS (G Minard)\n• Bastien Le Derout (Patricia L/MH)

29/01 - 13:00
Présentation M2

• Flavien Maucourt (M2 éq 2) - Laurence FT/MH \n• Cécile Gruet (Daniel M YML)\n• Pauline Descotes (éq6) WG et BC

05/02 - 13:00
Présentation M2

• Félicie GOUDOT (éq3/4 CPC/FB)

02/04 - 13:00
Raphaël Lugan (UMR qualisud, Avignon)