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Article de revue

  • Ranjard, L., Poly, F., Combrisson, J., Richaume, A., Nazaret, S., 1998. A single procedure to recover DNA from the surface or inside aggregates and in various size fractions of soil suitable for PCR-based assays of bacterial communities. European journal of soil biology 34, 89–97.

  • Riffard, S., Presti, F.L., Normand, P., Forey, F., Reyrolle, M., Etienne, J., Vandenesch, F., 1998. Species identification of Legionella via intergenic 16S-23S ribosomal spacer PCR analysis. International journal of systematic bacteriology 48, 723–730.

  • Serça, D., Delmas, R., Le Roux, X., Parsons, D. a. B., Scholes, M.C., Abbadie, L., Lensi, R., Ronce, O., Labroue, L., 1998. Comparison of nitrogen monoxide emissions from several African tropical ecosystems and influence of season and fire. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 12, 637-651.

  • Viallard, V., Poirier, I., Cournoyer, B., Haurat, J., Wiebkin, S., Ophel-Keller, K., Balandreau, J., 1998. <i>Burkholderia graminis</i> sp. nov., a rhizospheric Burkholderia species, and reassessment of <i>[Pseudomonas] phenazinium,[Pseudomonas] pyrrocinia</i> and <i>[Pseudomonas] glathei</i> as <i>Burkholderia</i>. International journal of systematic bacteriology 48, 549–563.
Article de colloque

  • Lata, J.C., Lensi, R., Abbadie, L., 1998. Nitrification process and grass cover strongly interact in a wet tropical ecosystem, dans: Proceedings Of The 16Th World Congress Of Soil Science, Isss, Montpellier, France, 1998.


Article de revue

  • Bardin, M., Nicot, P.C., Normand, P., Lemaire, J.M., 1997. Virulence variation and DNA polymorphism in <i>Sphaerotheca fuliginea</i>, causal agent of powdery mildew of cucurbits. European Journal of Plant Pathology 103, 545–554.

  • Berger, F., Normand, P., Potier, P., 1997. <i>capA</i>, a cspA-like gene that encodes a cold acclimation protein in the psychrotrophic bacterium <i>Arthrobacter globiformis</i> SI55. Journal of bacteriology 179, 5670–5676.

  • Bertolla, F., Van Gijsegem, F., Nesme, X., Simonet, P., 1997. Conditions for natural transformation of <i>Ralstonia solanacearum</i>. Applied and environmental microbiology 63, 4965–4968.

  • Bouillant, M.L., Miché, L., Ouedraogo, O., Alexandre, G., Jacoud, C., Sallé, G., Bally, R., 1997. Inhibition of <i> Striga</i> seed germination associated with sorghum growth promotion by soil bacteria. Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series III-Sciences de la Vie 320, 159–162.

  • Bruneteau, M., Fournol, F., Gandon, C., Becchi, M., Pivot, V., 1997. Isolation and characterization of inositol sphingophospholipids from <i>Phytophthora parasitica</i> Dastur. Lipids 32, 359–362.

  • Gryta, H., Debaud, J.C., Effosse, A., Gay, G., Marmeisse, R., 1997. Fine-scale structure of populations of the ectomycorrhizal fungus <i>Hebeloma cylindrosporum</i> in coastal sand dune forest ecosystems. Molecular Ecology 6, 353–364.

  • Jarvis, B.D.W., Van Berkum, P., Chen, W.X., Nour, S.M., Fernandez, M., Cleyet-Marel, J.C., Gillis, M., 1997. Transfer of <i>Rhizobium loti, Rhizobium huakuii, Rhizobium ciceri, Rhizobium mediterraneum,</i> and <i>Rhizobium tianshanense</i> to <i>Mesorhizobium gen. nov.</i>. International journal of systematic bacteriology 47, 895–898.

  • Lenoir, A., Cournoyer, B., Warwick, S., Picard, G., Deragon, J.M., 1997. Evolution of SINE S1 retroposons in <i>Cruciferae</i> plant species. Molecular biology and evolution 14, 934–941.

  • Mavingui, P., Flores, M., Romero, D., Martínez-Romero, E., Palacios, R., 1997. Generation of Rhizobium strains with improved symbiotic properties by random DNA amplification (RDA). Nature biotechnology 15, 564-569.

  • Navarro, E., Nalin, R., Gauthier, D., Normand, P., 1997. The nodular microsymbionts of <i>Gymnostoma</i> spp. are Elaeagnus-infective <i>Frankia</i> strains. Applied and environmental microbiology 63, 1610–1616.

  • Philippot, L., Clays-Josserand, A., Lensi, R., Trinsoutreau, I., Normand, P., Potier, P., 1997. Purification of the dissimilative nitrate reductase of <i>Pseudomonas fluorescens</i> and the cloning and sequencing of its corresponding genes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Structure and Expression 1350, 272–276.

  • Sequerra, J., Marmeisse, R., Valla, G., Normand, P., Capellano, A., Moiroud, A., 1997. Taxonomic position and intraspecific variability of the nodule forming<i> Penicillium nodositatum</i> inferred from RFLP analysis of the ribosomal intergenic spacer and Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA. Mycological Research 101, 465–472.

  • Tran Van, V., Ngôkê, S., Berge, O., Hebbar, P., Heulin, T., Faure, D., Bally, R., 1997. Isolation of <i>Azospirillum lipoferum</i> from the rhizosphere of rice by a new, simple method. Canadian journal of microbiology 43, 486–490.


Article de revue

  • Berger, F., Morellet, N., Menu, F., Potier, P., 1996. Cold shock and cold acclimation proteins in the psychrotrophic bacterium <i>Arthrobacter globiformis</i> SI55. Journal of bacteriology 178, 2999–3007.

  • Clerc, S., Simonet, P., 1996. Efficiency of the transfer of a pSAM2-derivative plasmid between two strains of <i>Streptomyces lividans</i> in conditions ranging from agar slants to non-sterile soil microcosms. FEMS microbiology ecology 21, 157–165.

  • Kabir, M., Faure, D., Heulin, T., Achouawk, W., Bally, R., 1996. Azospirillum populations in soils infested by a parasitic weed (Striga) under Sorghum cultivation in Mali, West Africa. European journal of soil biology 32, 157–163.
  • Laguerre, G., Mavingui, P., Allard, M.R., Charnay, M.P., Louvrier, P., Mazurier, S.I., Rigottier-Gois, L., Amarger, N., 1996. Typing of rhizobia by PCR DNA fingerprinting and PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of chromosomal and symbiotic gene regions: application to Rhizobium leguminosarum and its different biovars. Applied and environmental microbiology 62, 2029-2036.

  • Rome, S., Fernandez, M., Brunel, B., Normand, P., Cleyet-Marel, J.C., 1996. Sinorhizobium medicae sp. nov., Isolated from Annual <i>Medicago</i> spp. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 46, 972–980.


Article de revue

  • Heulin, T., Berge, O., Mavingui, P., Gouzou, L., Hebbar, K.P., Balandreau, J., 1994. <i>Bacillus polymyxa</i> and <i>Rahnella aquatilis</i>, the dominant N2-fixing bacteria associated with wheat rhizosphere in french soils. European journal of soil biology 30, 35-42.

  • Mavingui, P., Heulin, T., 1994. In vitro chitinase and antifungal activity of a soil, rhizosphere and rhizoplane population of Bacillus polymyxa. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 26, 801-803.

  • Tran Van, V., Mavingui, P., Berge, O., Balandreau, J., Heulin, T., 1994. Promotion de croissance du riz inoculé par une bactérie fixatrice d'azote, <i>Burkholderia vietnamiensis</i>, isolée d'un sol sulfaté acide du Viêt-nam. Agronomie 14, 697-707.


Article de revue

  • Mavingui, P., Laguerre, G., Berge, O., Heulin, T., 1992. Genetic and Phenotypic Diversity of <i>Bacillus polymyxa</i> in Soil and in the Wheat Rhizosphere. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 58, 1894-1903.


Article de revue
  • Mavingui, P., Berge, O., Heulin, T., 1990. Immunotrapping of <i>Bacillus polymyxa</i> in soil and in the rhizosphere of wheat. Symbiosis (Rehovot) 9, 215-221.


Article de revue

  • Kidder, G.W., Montgomery, C.W., 1975. Oxygenation of frog gastric mucosa in vitro. The American Journal of Physiology 229, 1510-1513.
  • Makar, A.B., McMartin, K.E., Palese, M., Tephly, T.R., 1975. Formate assay in body fluids: application in methanol poisoning. Biochemical Medicine 13, 117-126.
  • Wiesmann, U.N., DiDonato, S., Herschkowitz, N.N., 1975. Effect of chloroquine on cultured fibroblasts: release of lysosomal hydrolases and inhibition of their uptake. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 66, 1338-1343.

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