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Année 2020

Articles à comité de lecture

  • Denet, E., Espina-Benitez, M.B., Pitault, I., Pollet, T., Blaha, D., Bolzinger, M.-A., Rodriguez-Nava, V., Briançon, S., 2020. Metal oxide nanoparticles for the decontamination of toxic chemical and biological compounds. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 583, 119373.

  • Cantarel, A.A.M., Rouifed, S., Simon, L., Bourg, J., Gervaix, J., Blazère, L., Poussineau, S., Creuzé des Châtelliers, C., Piola, F., 2020. In Nitrate-Rich Soil, Fallopia x bohemica Modifies Functioning of N Cycle Compared to Native Monocultures. Diversity 12, 156.

  • Massip, C., Coullaud-Gamel, M., Gaudru, C., Amoureux, L., Doleans-Jordheim, A., Hery-Arnaud, G., Marchandin, H., Oswald, E., Segonds, C., Guet-Revillet, H., 2020. In vitro activity of 20 antibiotics against Cupriavidus clinical strains. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy dkaa066.

  • Czarnes, S., Mercier, P.-E., Lemoine, D.G., Hamzaoui, J., Legendre, L., 2020. Impact of soil water content on maize responses to the plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Azospirillum lipoferum CRT1. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science n/a.

  • Vigouroux, A., Doré, J., Marty, L., Aumont-Nicaise, M., Legrand, P., Dessaux, Y., Vial, L., Moréra, S., 2020. Import pathways of the mannityl-opines into the bacterial pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens: structural, affinity and in vivo approaches. Biochemical Journal 477, 615-628.

  • Hay, A.-E., Herrera-Belaroussi, A., Rey, M., Fournier, P., Normand, P., Boubakri, H., 2020. Feedback Regulation of N Fixation in <i>Frankia-Alnus</i> Symbiosis Through Amino Acids Profiling in Field and Greenhouse Nodules. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions® 33, 499-508.

  • Akanny, E., Bonhommé, A., Commun, C., Doleans‐Jordheim, A., Farre, C., Bessueille, F., Bourgeois, S., Bordes, C., 2020. Surface‐enhanced Raman spectroscopy using uncoated gold nanoparticles for bacteria discrimination. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy jrs.5827.

  • Goulas, A., Belhadi, D., Descamps, A., Andremont, A., Benoit, P., Courtois, S., Dagot, C., Grall, N., Makowski, D., Nazaret, S., Nélieu, S., Patureau, D., Petit, F., Roose-Amsaleg, C., Vittecoq, M., Livoreil, B., Laouénan, C., 2020. How effective are strategies to control the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in the environment? A systematic review. Environmental Evidence 9, 4.

  • Gueneau, R., Blanchet, D., Rodriguez-Nava, V., Bergeron, E., Soulier, M., Bestandji, N., Demar, M., Couppie, P., Blaizot, R., 2020. Actinomycetoma caused by Gordonia westfalica: first reported case of human infection. New Microbes and New Infections 100658.

  • Gaudino, M., Aurine, N., Dumont, C., Fouret, J., Ferren, M., Mathieu, C., Reynard, O., Volchkov, V.E., Legras-Lachuer, C., Georges-Courbot, M.-C., Horvat, B., 2020. High Pathogenicity of Nipah Virus from <i>Pteropus lylei</i> Fruit Bats, Cambodia. Emerging Infectious Diseases 26, 104-113.

  • Guégan, M., Tran Van, V., Martin, E., Minard, G., Tran, F.H., Fel, B., Hay, A.-E., Simon, L., Barakat, M., Potier, P., Haichar, F.Z., Valiente Moro, C., 2020. Who is eating fructose within the <i>Aedes albopictus</i> gut microbiota? Environmental Microbiology 1462-2920.14915.

  • Laffite, A., Florio, A., Andrianarisoa, K.S., Creuze des Chatelliers, C., Schloter‐Hai, B., Ndaw, S.M., Periot, C., Schloter, M., Zeller, B., Poly, F., Le Roux, X., 2020. Biological inhibition of soil nitrification by forest tree species affects <i>Nitrobacter</i> populations. Environmental Microbiology 1462-2920.14905.

  • Sutherland, W.J., Dias, M.P., Dicks, L.V., Doran, H., Entwistle, A.C., Fleishman, E., Gibbons, D.W., Hails, R., Hughes, A.C., Hughes, J., Kelman, R., Le Roux, X., LeAnstey, B., Lickorish, F.A., Maggs, L., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Peck, L.S., Pettorelli, N., Pretty, J., Spalding, M.D., Tonneijck, F.H., Wentworth, J., Thornton, A., 2020. A Horizon Scan of Emerging Global Biological Conservation Issues for 2020. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35, 81-90.

  • de Oliveira, A.B., Cantarel, A.A.M., Seiller, M., Florio, A., Bérard, A., Hinsinger, P., Le Cadre, E., 2020. Short-term plant legacy alters the resistance and resilience of soil microbial communities exposed to heat disturbance in a Mediterranean calcareous soil. Ecological Indicators 108, 105740.

  • Valente, J., Gerin, F., Le Gouis, J., Moënne‐Loccoz, Y., Prigent–Combaret, C., 2020. Ancient wheat varieties have a higher ability to interact with plant growth‐promoting rhizobacteria. Plant, Cell & Environment 43, 246-260.

  • Le, H.T., Rochelle‐Newall, E., Ribolzi, O., Janeau, J.L., Huon, S., Latsachack, K., Pommier, T., 2020. Land use strongly influences soil organic carbon and bacterial community export in runoff in tropical uplands‐. Land Degradation & Development 31, 118-132.


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