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14-18 June 2015

BAGECO13 Bacterial Genetics and Ecology

Milan, Italy

The changing environments hide microbial continuities that are actually dissected following the novel approaches integrating ‘metaomics’ and novel cultivation based strategies. The 13th meeting on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology (BAGECO) intends to provide a forum for dis-cussing all the aspects related to such microbial continuities along changing environments including large and small-scale gradients, chemoclines and environmental transitions. Biotic gradients, like those in the animal gut, and abiotic ones, where physico-chemical variations occur, as well as the combination of the two in relation to any complex ecosystems will be central focuses of the conference.

We are pleased to welcome some of the most renowned scientists in microbial ecology to discuss all these aspects in relation to the most complex environments of earth including, among others, soil, sediments, the symbiotic ecosystems associated to plant, animals and humans, the aquatic ecosystems and the role of microbes and their metabolism in the protection of the environment. The conference debate will be also discussing the advancement on our understanding of the role of gene flow and on how passing from empirical approaches to dissect microbial community functions to establishing the theories that rule out the microbial world and finally the functioning of earth.

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