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2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Session : Transbiome impacts of tropical land-use change

This session will provide a forum for researchers from both North and South countries (developing and emerging countries) to present their research on the impact of landuse and climate change on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in developing countries. Urbanisation, industrialisation and the intensification of agriculture are bringing about change in tropical ecosystems at an alarming rate and the consequences of this change are still not fully understood. Indeed, one of the critical issues in research today is how to reconcile economic development with the preservation of the ecological integrity of the environment. Important in industrialized countries, this issue is fundamental to sustainable development. Ecosystems in Southern countries, whether wet or dry, natural or impacted, are subject to stringent constraints that can exacerbate certain processes. This session will look at the impacts of change on both terrestrial processes (e.g. biodiversity, soil quality, erosion and runoff) and on the downstream aquatic consequences (e.g. hydrology, water quality, aquatic microbial ecology) in tropical environments with the goal of presenting an integrated, multidisciplinary view of the ecological and environmental risks faced by developing and emerging economies. This session aims to attract researchers from both North and South countries.

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