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Microbial functional diversity and nitrogen cycle

Team Leaders : LE ROUX Xavier & POMMIER Thomas

Team :

Permanent positions

CANTAREL Amelie Professor Assistant, UCB
COMBOURIEU Bruno Professor, UCB
CZARNES Sonia Professor Assistant, UCB
HAICHAR Feth el zahar Professor Assistant, UCB
LE ROUX Xavier Senior Scientist, INRA
Franck POLY Scientist, CNRS
Thomas POMMIER Scientist, INRA
GUILLAUMAUD Nadine Technician, UCB
LERONDELLE Catherine Engineer d’Etude, INRA

Non permanent positions

Lise ALONSO PhD DRAC, (2014-2017)
Féline ASSEMIEN PhD co-tutelle RCI, (2013-2016)
Clément BARDON PhD E2M2, (2011-2014)
Hafeez FARHAN Post Doc EU projet, (2014-2016)
Jonathan GERVAIX Technician – CDD, (2014-2015)
Julien GUYONNET PhD E2M2 (2013-2016)
Huong LE THI PhD ANR Project, (2015-2018)
Cyrus MALLON PhD avec Université de Groningen, NL, (2011-2014)
Marie SIMONIN PhD, Région Rhône Alpes, (2012-2015)
Armelle CROUZET Master 2R, (2014-2015)
Florian VAUTRIN Master 2P, (2014-2015)


Scientific projects (August 2012)

Axis # 1 : Genetic and physiological regulations driving the functioning of denitrifiers and nitrifiers

  • Regulation of the activity of denitrifiers by environmental conditions, and the role of small RNA (Master 2R : Desislava Jivkova) ; Supervisor : F.Z. Haichar ; coll. CEA Cadarache.
  • Characterization of the use of different carbon sources by soil denitrifiers using stable isotope probing ; Supervisors : F. Poly & F.Z. Haichar ; coll. CEMAGREF Antony.
  • Ecophysiological traits of nitrite oxidizers in disturbed and undisturbed soils ; Supervisor : Le Roux X., F. Poly & F.Z. Haichar.

Axis # 2 : Diversity-functioning-stability relationships in the bacterial world

  • Importance of taxonomic versus functional diversity for the functioning of denitrifying community ; Supervisors : F. Poly & X. Le Roux ; coll. University of Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Effect of richness, equitability and functional complementarity for the functioning of microbial communities and their response to disturbances ; Supervisors : T. Pommier & X. Le Roux.
  • Importance of stoichiometry rules for the functioning of bacterial communities ; Supervisors : T. Pommier & F. Poly ; coll. ISEM Montpellier, ECOSYM Montpellier.
  • Importance of soil microbial diversity for the persistence and location of inoculated bacteria in soil. Supervisors : F. Poly & X. Le Roux ; coll. LEM Eq. 3, University of Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Can inoculation of cereal seeds by a natural strain of Azospirillum adequately influence the diversity and functioning of soil microbial communities to improve the sustainability and resilience of agriculture ? Supervisors : X. Le Roux & F. Poly ; coll. LEM Eq. 3, INRA Avignon, AgroParitech, Univ. Lyon3.
  • Relationships between microbial diversity, functioning and stability in gas biofilters. Supervisors : A. Richaume-Jolion - F. Poly & X. Le Roux ; coll. Ecoles des Mines d’Alès, VEOLIA, Canevaflor.

Axis # 3 : Effect of plant diversity on the diversity and functioning of microbial communities

  • How does plant diversity influence the functioning and diversity of soil microbial communities ? Supervisors : X. Le Roux, F. Poly, S Michalet & T. Pommier ; coll. Univ. Jena (Germany), Max Planck Inst. Jena (Germany), INRA Dijon
  • Coupled responses of plant- and soil microbial- functional groups to grassland management. Supervisors : F. Poly & T. Pommier ; coll. LECA Grenoble, Univ. of Insbruk (Austria), Univ. Lancaster (UK), INRA Caen, Univ. GMBH Neuherberg (Germany).
  • Influence of tropical tree species on soil natural substances and microbial communities in the French Guyana. Supervisors : S Michalet, F. Poly & B. Combourieu ; coll. INRA Kourou.
  • Importance of rhizospheric microbial communities for the invasive success of different Fallopia genotypes. Supervisors : F. Poly & F.Z. Haichar ; coll. LEHNA Lyon.

Axis # 4 : Impact of global change factors and stressors and their interactions on soil microbial communities

  • How do components of climate change (CO2, temperature, precipitation and N deposition) and their interactions impact soil nitrifiers and denitrifiers in grasslands ? ; Supervisors : X. Le Roux, F. Poly & T. Pommier ; coll. AgroParitech, Carnegie Inst. Stanford (USA), Arizona Univ. (USA)
  • Impact of extreme climatic events on soil microbial communities in grassland ecosystems ; Supervisor : F. Poly & X. Le Roux ; coll. INRA Clermont Ferrand, LECA Grenoble, INRA Montpellier.
  • Characterisation of resilience capacity and tipping points in coupled soil/plant systems : a case study in mountain grasslands facing climate and land use changes ; Supervisor : F. Poly & T. Pommier ; LECA Grenoble, Univ. of Insbruk, and Vienne Univ. of Res. and Life Sci. (Austria), Nor. Univ. of Sci. Tech., Trondheim (Norway), Max Planck Inst. Jena (Germany) & Cat. Univ. of Louvain (Belgium).
  • Environmental and biogeographical factors driving the distribution of terrestrial and aquatic microbial taxonomic and functional groups ; Supervisor : T. Pommier ; coll. DRI Reno (USA).
  • Soil microbial communities and associated N and C dynamics facing changes in land use in semi-natural grasslands and temporary grassland/cropping systems ; Supervisors : X. Le Roux & F. Poly ; coll. INRA Lusignan, INRA Clermont Ferrand, INRA Laon, LSCE (Saclay).
  • Precipitation regime and the coupling between water transfer, soil organic matter quality and microbial communities at the catchment scale. Supervisor : T. Pommier ; coll. Univ. Paris6.
  • Effects of nanoparticules on soil microbial communities and associated N cycling ; Supervisors : A. Richaume-Jolion ; coll. Rovaltain, LTHE Grenoble.




Scientific papers (since 2006) :



  • Bounaffaa, M., Florio, A., Le Roux, X., Jayet, P.-A., 2018. Economic and Environmental Analysis of Maize Inoculation by Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in the French Rhône-Alpes Region. Ecological Economics 146, 334-346.

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National and international report since (2006) :


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Popular articles (since 2006) :


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Movies and other medias (since 2006) :


Movies :

2008 : Film INRA “agriculture-biodiversité” (participation de X Le Roux)

2010 : Film “La biodiversité, c’est aussi près de chez vous” - C. Production Chromatiques / CAP CANAL (participation de X Le Roux) :

2009 : Film de la présentation des résultats de l’expertise scientifique collective “Agriculture & biodiversité” par X. Le Roux devant le Pôle “Activités rurales, agricultures et territoires en Rhône-Alpes’ :

2012 : Film “Dessine-moi un paysage bio”, Ministère de l’Agriculture & Bergerie nationale (participation de X Le Roux) :


Others :

Le Roux X. 2008. Interview sur le thème ‘Agriculture et biodiversité’ par la radio RFI

Le Roux X. 2008. Interview sur le thème ‘Agriculture et biodiversité’ dans le journal Le Monde.

Le Roux X. 2010. Interview sur la biodiversité dans le journal Libération.