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Ecology of Soil Microorganisms 2011

We welcome you to the conference Ecology of Soil Microorganisms to be held in spring 2011 in Prague. The conference is planned as an interdisciplinary platform where data from different experts can be linked and new strategies for further research topics can be defined. This includes questions addressing microbial communities and (meta)genomes in soils and their role in soil quality and soil health. An important link will be made to metaproteomics and particularly enzymology, which is crucial to unravel what the measured rates of microbial processes tell us about the cycling of elements and organic matter as a whole. Another issue of the conference will be dedicated to mycology, which is still underrepresented in microbial ecology, despite the tremendous importance of fungi in all terrestrial ecosystems. Overall the conference should help to build up a conceptual framework that incorporates not only the diversity of microorganisms, but also their functions and properties of their abiotic environments. Our aim is to bring experts from all these disciplines to a meeting where all can benefit from interaction. The meeting in spring 2011 in Prague will be therefore a good opportunity to take the next step into the future of microbial ecology where complex understanding of microbial processes will follow the complex understanding of microbial biodiversity.

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