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July 18-23 2021

Symbiosis in the Anthropocene era

10th Congress of the International Symbiosis Society
3rd edition of the International Conference

The first symbiotic relationships were described in the 19th century. Nearly 150 years later, immense research efforts have highlighted that symbiotic relationships are ubiquitous and have particularly important ecological and evolutionary consequences. But considering individuals as holobionts, or ecosystems that combine host and symbiotic entities, is an on-going revolution.

Within this framework, the 10th Congress of the International Symbiosis Society will be held in conjunction with the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Holobionts at the Palais des Congrès of Lyon (France) from July 18 to 23, 2021. This joint congress will provide a unique opportunity to present the most exciting and recent discoveries in the fields of symbiosis and holobiont research.

During this meeting, we will give a special emphasis on symbiosis in the Anthropocene era. Faced with the challenges generated by global upheavals, be they societal, medical, or environmental, it is indeed essential to understand the impact of these changes on symbioses, and also to foresee how symbioses may allow to cope with these challenges in the future of our biosphere.

The program has been designed to cover a wide range of fundamental and applied topics in current symbiotic and holobiotic research. We are delighted to welcome prestigious guest speakers at the forefront of research, working on various types of organisms (e.g., virus, bacteria, protists, invertebrates, plants and humans).

This major international meeting will be held in Lyon, the French capital of gastronomy and wine, a UNESCO World Heritage, and the birthplace of cinema with Lumière brothers. Along with the exciting scientific and societal programs, we expect to welcome between 500 and 700 participants, from more than 30 countries.

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