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Assistant Professor position

Ecology of microbial-actinorhizal plant interaction

Assistant Professor position open in Ecology of microbial-actinorhizal plant interaction

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The appointed person will join the educational team of the Agronomy section of the Department of Biological Engineering of IUT Lyon1 and will participate in the education of polyvalent senior technicians.
The appointed person will be responsible for the teaching in the field of crop production, mainly as practicles, for a total of about 180 hours eq TD. Practiles will allow to assimilate fundamental knowledge in soil science and microbiology, biology and plant physiology and their application in sustainable agronomic field : varietal selection, biotechnology, nutrition and crop protection, including modern aspects of interaction with pathogenic or symbiotic macro & microorganisms.
The duties of the recruited person will be complemented by her or his contribution to the various activities of the Department of Biological Engineering. She or He will have to participate in the supervision of internships, tutored projects as well as various juries and defences. She or He will also contribute in the management of our technological platforms, and more particularly in the management of the greenhouse of the Department. Finally, the recruited person will gradually assume responsibilities of pedagogical and administrative animation within the department and IUT Lyon 1.
Teaching contact : SAY Ludovic, Chef de Département, ludovic.say, 00 33 4 72 69 20 51

Biotic and abiotic interactions between organisms and their environment are the basis of the sustainability of ecosystems and the maintenance of the biodiversity. Plants can develop mutualistic interactions with soil microorganisms in more or less close associations. The appointed person will join the team « Symbioses actinorhiziennes » of the Laboratory of Microbial Ecology (LEM – UMR 5557). This team mainly studies the actinorhizal plants (such as alder). These plants are able to establish bacterial (with Frankia, nitrogen-fixing actinobacterium) and fungal (mycorrhizal) symbiosis. These multipartite symbioses are crucial for the survival of plants, their capacity for colonization, the biological activity of soil and consequently are of great importance in the agroecology approaches. The candidate may focus her or his work on the study of the ecology, genomic and functional diversity of microbial symbionts (Frankia and mycorrhizal fungi), the co-evolutionary dynamics and the factors structuring the population and microbial community dynamics as well as those of host plants (effects of interaction host / symbiont vs. symbionts / symbionts vs environmental factors). The candidate may have a good experience in microbial ecology and interest in field work. She or He should have solid knowledge in soil science and plant physiology. Bioinformatics skills and a previous experience in modeling approaches and evolutionary biology would be appreciated.
Research contact : BOUBAKRI Hasna, Laboratoire d’Ecologie Microbienne, UMR-CNRS 5557, hasna.boubakri, 00 33 4 72 44 82 00

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