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Post-doctoral position

Impact of microbes and arboviruses on the behavior of the Asian tiger mosquito

Lyon, France

A 3-years post-doctoral position funded by the Scientific Breakthrough Program (IDEXLYON) is available for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher in the research groups « Microbial Dynamics and Viral Transmission » (UCBL1, UMR CNRS 5557, INRA 1418, VetAgro Sup Microbial Ecology) and « Emerging zoonoses and vector-borne diseases » (UMR 754 UCBL, INRA, EPHE IVPC Viral Infections and Comparative Pathology) at the University of Lyon, France.
The project « Micro-be-have : Microbial impact on insect behavior : from niche and partner choice to the development of new control methods for pests and disease vectors » aims at understanding the impact of host-associated microorganisms on insect behavior as well as the role of environmental microorganisms as cues for insects. This research program will focus on the species Aedes albopictus, a mosquito that transmits viral diseases of public health importance (e.g. Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika). We will explore how multipartite interactions between mosquito, symbionts and transmitted viral pathogens participate to niche, mate and host choice as well as dispersal of individuals. More specifically, the candidate will lead a project that aims to investigate whether and how the presence of symbionts and/or virus infections modulate key aspects of mosquito behavior and personality related to nutrition, aggressiveness, host preference, partner choice as well as breeding site selection. She/he will also manage experiments to study whether mosquitoes chose their breeding sites according to microbial cues.
She/he should hold a PhD and have strong expertise in entomology, microbial ecology and infectiology. Interest for the relationships between mechanisms and phenotypic responses such as behavior as well as previous experience in virology and Biosafety Level 3 laboratory will be strongly appreciated. Knowledge of English is mandatory.
Additional information :
The University of Lyon is one of the top research Institutions in France with a strong commitment to infection (virology, bacteriology) and ecology. Several insectaria, biosafety level 2 and 3 laboratories, state-of-the art laboratory equipment and well-equipped platforms are available on site.
Lyon is a city in east-central France known as the gastronomic capital of France with a beautiful historic city centre and crossed by two rivers. The city benefits from a very attractive location and environment being close to the French Alps and 3 hours away from the Mediterranean Sea.
Starting date : November/December 2018
The candidates will have to provide, a letter stating their interest and motivation regarding this position, a Curriculum Vitae including publications and letters from two referees.
Interested applicants should send their candidature by e-mail to :
- Claire Valiente Moro (claire.valiente-moro - Phone : +33472431143
- Frédérick ARNAUD (frederick.arnaud - Phone : +33437287612
Deadline for submissions : The 7th of September 2018