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Samuel Jacquiod

Beyond the piechart : Ribosomal gene amplicon sequencing in microbial ecology studies
Ribosomal gene amplicon sequencing has become widely use in molecular microbial ecology to investigate environmental microbiomes. Beside well-known technical biases, the method often suffers semantic misconceptions and data overselling. The use of “metagenomic” narratives in association to ribosomal gene amplicon sequencing perfectly illustrates it, giving rise to misleading functional assumptions.
Conversely, some studies suffer from what one may call the “piechart syndrome”, avoiding result overselling by relying on very conservative and simple description of the data, but without any attempt to understand ecological implications.
Nevertheless, the use of ecological theories, together with appropriated analytic procedure, can provide robust frameworks for ribosomal gene amplicon data interpretation and understanding of microbial lifestyles. During my talk, I will present how the ecological concept of Functional Response Groups (FRGs) can be applied in microbiology to 16S rRNA gene amplicon data. I will go through a selected panel of instances where we successfully applied it, from metal-polluted agricultural soils and sediments for understanding bacterial adaptation and related ecosystem services, to wastewater for deciphering bacterial trophic strategies.