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14th Symposium on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology (BAGECO)

4–8 June 2017 • Aberdeen/Scotland

The aims of BAGECO 14 are to highlight and showcase the ways in which microbial ecology and genetics interact with, and benefit from neighbouring disciplines ; to increase awareness of the perception of microbial ecology by our neighbours in these disciplines ; and to determine what these related disciplines want from microbial ecologists. BAGECO 14 will therefore focus on the boundaries between microbial ecology and genetics and the disciplines with which they interact most closely and will stimulate interdisciplinary approaches and research. To achieve this, the scientific programme involves internationally recognised researchers whose backgrounds and expertise may lie in associated disciplines, but who have used this expertise to investigate microbial ecology. These disciplines range from philosophy, through the physical sciences, to those working on evolution, plant and animal ecology, ecosystems science and engineering. Each talk will be on a microbiological topic but all will also encourage an outward-looking approach and will stimulate novel approaches to address ecological questions.

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