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Présentation Invité Gabriele Berg

Invitée équipe 3_Gabriele Berg “Understanding plant microbiomes for biotechnological strategies”

The microbiome is a crucial factor for plant growth and health. Although this fact is known more than 100 years, multi omics technologies revolutionized the field of research. They revealed many details as well as deep insight that now allow specific applications in biotechnology. For example, the new perspectives influence plant protection approaches such as biocontrol in agriculture. The development of new tools may impact i) the detection of new bio-resources for biocontrol and plant growth promotion, ii) the optimization of fermentation and formulation processes for biologicals, iii) stabilization of the biocontrol effect under field conditions and iv) risk assessment studies for biocontrol agents. Examples are presented and discussed for the applications mentioned above, as well as an illustration of the global importance of next-generation bio-products as a sustainable alternative for agriculture. Moreover, the central role of the plant microbiome and their beneficial inhabitants for human and environmental health will be analyzed. Finally, multi omics can be used to identify new bioactive metabolites from the diverse world of plant microbiomes. For example, a variety of plant-associated microorganisms produce highly efficient of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to overcome distance boundaries and to establish a ‘protective shield’ around the host, which can be used in biotechnology.