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Katsunori Suzuki

Hiroshima University, School of Science

conférence de Katsunori Suzuki (Hiroshima University, School of Science), An Agrobacterium strain potentially responsive to rice plant (eq 4)

Rice is the most important crop in many Asian countries. Agrobacterium-mediated transformation (AMT) method is applicable to some rice cultivars, but most cultivars are still recalcitrant to AMT. Monocot plants are basically resistant to infection by agrobacteria. Agrobacterium strains on the other hand have been isolated as endophytic bacteria from monocots. My research team has made lines of study to find useful Agrobacterium strains and those potentially responsive to rice plant. It is well known that AMT of monocots by conventional strains requires exogenous addition of inducer phenolics which promote expression of virulence (vir) genes. During our screening, we found a strain that does not require the prerequisite. Screening of a vir—inducing chemical for the strain revealed p-coumaryl alcohol in rice in vitro culture fluids. The alcohol is ubiquitous in plants but its inducer activity was found in this study. Genetic and physiological experiments are on-going to reveal a mechanism of the phenomenon. Our methods will be mentioned in addition that enables screening of a number of strains.

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