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International Conference on Holobionts

The objective of the International Conference on Holobionts, Paris 2017 is to, for the first time, bring scientists together who are interested in holobiont systems and their study. This conference will highlight major advances in defining the key roles of host-borne microbiota in the ecology and evolution of higher organisms and the potential implications for human health, food production and ecosystem functioning.

In addition, the conference will offer a platform for debate related to the definition, assembly and evolution of holobionts. By bringing a range of holobiont researchers together, the International Conference on Holobionts seeks to help consolidate the field, facilitate exchange of knowledge across systems and approaches and stimulate further developments in this emerging field.

Scientific program
This conference will address the following topics :

  1. Holobionts and evolution
  2. Emerging approaches to holobiont research
  3. Microbiota and host health
  4. Mechanisms for holobiont assembly
  5. Metabolic interactions between host and microbiota

For each topic, we encourage oral and poster communications on holobiont systems from different perspectives including theoretical, empirical, fundamental and applied researches.

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